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It is my passion to educate and support women in their choices for childbirth.  I have long since been an advocate for unmedicated, natural birth but understand that not every woman desires or can choose this process for her experience.  I believe childbirth should and can be a social, and family event not just a medical phenomenon.  I believe that birth is safe, powerful, and a rite of passage into motherhood.  I believe in a woman’s body to labor and bring life into the world.

I am married to a man of many admirable qualities.  I am mom to three boys, 2 of which are biological and 1 through adoption.  I had a LONG, unmedicated, labor and delivery in the hospital with my first son.   I was attended by a very caring and supportive CNM.  Due to some complications following his birth my son was admitted to the NICU and I did not have contact with him for several hours.  We were not able to establish a breastfeeding relationship for 24 hours  and I was at the mercy of the NICU staff from that point on.  Though in the end I escaped an episiotomy, vacuum extraction delivery,  and was able to take my son home,  I felt disconnected, unsure, and very vulnerable upon our discharge.  It was not the outcome I had planned in my mind or on paper.   I knew I wanted to explore other options for my next birth.

My second son was a planned homebirth with a beautiful midwife.  My older children and husband welcomed our son into the world on a beautiful summer morning.  The labor was quick and intense but being in my home, surrounded by family and familiar sights, sound, and smells, made me at ease.  My oldest, who had not been adopted at the time of the birth, had the honor of cutting the cord of his new brother.  This was a very meaningful moment for our family.

While homebirth is not a choice for every woman, I support birth in whatever environment a woman chooses.  Interventions sometimes become necessary in a hospital and outcomes cannot always be predicted.  It is my desire to provide women with encouragement to persevere down whatever path she deems best.  A woman’s intuition, and inner fortitude are very powerful tools that can be used during labor to create a positive birth experience.

I wish only to enhance the experience of the birthing family not to diminish the role of the father or birth partner.  I look forward to helping your family create a positive birth experience.

Joyfully here for you,

Andie Henthorn

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